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 Sr. Jane’s brother remains in a coma after 6 weeks with very little improvement. She is going to spend some time with her sister, Sally. She leaves on the 15th for a week. It is always difficult to be so far away when there is a family crisis. Ask the Fraternity to keep praying.

Judith Ann

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  1. Please pray for Edward Moriarty so his cancer, lymph system and other health problems wil be completely healed…… Bill L./ surgery complications… Clair O/ hip broken.. Bob D./infections.. That a serious crime will be quickly uncovered…THANK YOU…………

  2. My name is Mallory. I am a 9 month old twin born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. I have had 16 surgeries with many more to go and a lifetime of medicine . My prayer is to live, my body is tired but my will to live by the Grace of God is strong. The doctors fear I may lose my limbs due to medications, I need your prayer for healing so one day when I grow up I can testify to the world how I am Gods Miracle and how Great he is!

  3. Dear Lady cure the cancer in my daughter-in-law Myrna Sutherland of Williams Lake BC Canada.

  4. Lent,Holy Week 2013.

    Updated Prayer Request!

    Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows…

    Dear Sisters & Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for standing with us in daily(2013)prayer for God’s Mercy & Peace in our long struggle to God’s Peace and Hope in our shattered lives!

    Despite the ongoing pain,sorrows,financial misery we continue to stay at our Post in Hope and Prayer! Taking the hits and moving forward!!

    Please continue to include us in the daily prayers of the Sisters and Community at large through out 2013 or as long as possible?

    For God’s Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope in our Broken Hearts,Health Issues and Severe Financial Misery which is making recovery very slow!

    Feel free to pass Prayer Request on to other Communities(Women&Men) of Prayer that you know in the Worldwide Community of Prayer? Urgent!

    Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our Post in Hope & Prayer with the help of your Daily Prayers and God’s Mercy! In the end all that matters is how one finishes the race! Or as C.S. Lewis said at the end of his Live,” To make a Good Exit.” With the focus on GOOD!!! Enter His Eternal Rest! PLEASE PRAY!!

    Thank you for your patience in our ,long dark night of the soul,

    Bill and Carol. usa

    PS. We will continue to keep you in our Daily Prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night for His Mercy & Peace Now and in the Days ahead..Lent,Holy Week,…2013,2014..??

  5. Prayer Request :
    persecution demonic satanic and dark things done againts
    pastor Thieringo must stop and mustn’t have effect on him and must return againts those who do that . Fire of Holly Spirit must come on evil and bad things againts him. May Holly Spirit Jesus and God do justice to him .
    Protection ,
    healing ,wisdom,freedom, prosperity , miracles in finances , success and miracles in business, success and miracles in his life in Jesus Name .

  6. my new home we love it oh lord help us to have enough money,

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