The Council

The Executive Council for the Region is

Minister: Linda Trythall OFS (1st Term)

Vice Minister: Ann Schellinger OFS (1st)

Secretary: Karen Trierweiler OFS (1st)

Treasurer: John Fekety OFS (1st)

Formation Director (elected): Sharon Iseman OFS (1st)

West Councilor: Jack Trierweiler OFS (1st)

Central Councilor: Tom Filler OFS (1st)

East Councilor: Lance Hogan OFS (1st)

Spiritual Assistant: Sr. Jane Sorenson OSC

The full Council includes the following Local Ministers

Immaculate Conception, Marje Shrider OFS, Polson, MT

Lady Jacoba, Dona Woods OFS, Havre, MT

Little Portion, Lance Hogan OFS, Lodge Grass, MT

Queen of Angels, Dave Bofto OFS, Billings, MT

St Anthony of Padua, Ann Schellinger OFS, Missoula, MT

St Clare, Brian McKinney OFS, Great Falls, MT

San Damiano, Kathy Majerus OFS, Billings, MT